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"Being a mother is learning about strengths you didn’t know you had, and dealing with fears you didn’t know existed."

Linda Wooten

How do you feel as a mom or mom-to-be?

Do you feel fear, exhaustion, overwhelm or frustration?

Whether you are pregnant, have just given birth to your first child, or already have one or more children of different ages and feel the distress of everyday parenting pressures. Feeling this way is not strange, it is more common than you think, and you are not alone…

Hello, I'm Patricia


And I’m here to support you in conquering your fears, becoming energized and learning how to deal with stress, overwhelm, frustration and unmet expectations.

and find out more about how we can work together.

Becoming a mother is one of the biggest challenges in our lives as women, and yet, many of us were never told or coached on how to prepare for such a big change. Often, we go through the process alone, trying our best and navigating the ups and downs of our emotions as we go through motherhood alone and unsupported, just as our mothers and grandmothers did.

How can I support you?

I use Energy Psychology tools. Mainly EFT Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping, which is a very effective method for relieving stress that combines best practices of modern psychology with somatic stimulation (tapping) on meridian points of the body used in acupuncture. When these elements are used simultaneously, individuals quickly and gently calm their nervous system, are able to release past trauma, and rewire their brains. EFT is a powerful yet simple and gentle tool to overcome fears and phobias. It can also help you to deal with expectations of future events and relate differently to uncomfortable emotions. In addition, I use guided visualizations, breath work and heart-brain coherence exercises.


It can mean so many things to us. Perhaps what comes to your mind is the image of the perfect, loving and patient mother who enjoys every minute of what it means to be a mom. Unfortunately, that is not how most women feel, but no one talks about it, and we feel ashamed.

Mother and Daughter_edited.jpg

It doesn’t matter if:

  • You just got pregnant, and you fear giving birth or not feeling well in your changing body.

  • You just gave birth to your child, and you are trying to adapt to your newborn’s needs, and you are feeling exhausted, depleted and on a roller coaster of emotions.

  • You already have kids, and you are stressed out, not having time for yourself and still, you struggle to be a conscious parent.

… the stress of going into the unknown and the expectations we have affect us all in many ways at some point…

And when we get stressed, the consequences can be tough…


…  affects pregnancy, mother and baby.

… can cause epigenetic changes in both fetus and mother.

…  affects the process of childbirth.

… has direct correlation with difficulties in breastfeeding or milk production.


…  brings out the worst of you when facing the daily pressures and challenges of raising kids.

Your stress directly affects your children, and it robs you from experiencing the joy of having a family.

Mutter und Neugeborenen
Glückliche Familie

But if there is one thing, I want you to know right now, it is this:

You can absolutely feel courageous, take care of your emotions, feel stronger, centered, more relaxed and have better relationships with your children.

… I know how you might be feeling because I was there myself…

… and here is my story…

You can make the difference in your life

We cannot control all the situations or the people around us. The only thing that we can manage for sure is our internal situation and the way we react to life. And it is a choice. That is why I called my webpage “feel, choose, release”. As you become aware of the way you feel and make it consciously, you can choose how you want to feel and release the old feelings through the techniques we use together and the ones you can learn to use for yourself.

Dandelion Parachute Seed

"Letting go is the willingness to change your beliefs in order to bring more peace and joy into your life instead of holding onto beliefs that bring pain and suffering."

Hal Tipper

What my clients say...

I had the privilege to do a couple of sessions with Patricia and I’m so happy we got to work together! Not only is she empathetic and a great listener, but also capable of reaching way inside your feelings, your emotions, and getting to the root. I had something that has been bothering me for a long time, and thanks to those two sessions, I gained clarity about an issue that I wasn’t able to figure out – not even with therapy. By working on those stuck emotions, I’ve been able to release beliefs, feelings and emotions that were detrimental to my personal and spiritual growth.  She gently helps you discover, navigate through the emotion, feel it, and release it by using several different techniques that actually work! I will always be grateful for the amazing experience I had in our sessions. I highly recommend you consider doing it because it can be a life changer. I know I’ll do some more soon.

Uschi M. - USA


Dear Patty, I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for the sessions you did with me and how you helped me transform myself from a dominant, forceful person to a far more relaxed compassionate one. I didn’t think that that was even possible!!  The patience, the EFT skills and love that you put into our sessions are of extreme value that words cannot describe, it can only be felt and experienced… and be enjoyed for the rest of my life!!!

Your Tapping skills are precious to anyone who wants to improve their lives in whatever area and if they want to know what you can help them achieve you are welcome to send them on to me so they can hear first-hand how capable you are.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


Ingrid G. - Italy

Patricia Schebsdat-Sciuto

+41 77 412 75 73

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