Who am I?


I’m Patricia Schebsdat-Sciuto. I was born in Perú in 1973 and there I gave cooking classes, did catering and was a yoga teacher. Since my youth I have been interested in healing. My initial focus was psychology and herbalism, then I started studying pharmacology and biochemistry. But there was something deeper I was searching for. I was also very interested - and still am - in ancient cultures like the Incas and the Mayas, which brought me to having deep spiritual experiences in sacred places of both cultures and changing my experience of life. I have lived in Switzerland since 2004. I love living here, but with the “transplantation” to a foreign country I encountered many challenges. My health deteriorated and as I was not finding answers in traditional medicine, I began searching for alternatives and started looking within. I had to overcome many of my own fears and that is when I discovered the magic of EFT Tapping and Energy Psychology. They have helped me transform my life, my relationships and my view of life and still play an important role in my healing journey. Through EFT Tapping, I was able to easily overcome my fear of driving, which gave me a lot of freedom and made me think of all the possibilities of how to apply this method. I first started by finding out as much as I could online and in books about EFT and some of the techniques I use. Then I attended courses and seminars until I felt that that was my vocation, that all this knowledge and this set of tools were too valuable to have all to myself. Finally I got certified by EFT Universe as an Energy Psychology Practitioner.

I was very stressed during my pregnancy and the early years of raising my son, and we both suffered as a result. The use of EP methods has made a tremendous improvement in the relationship with my son; if only I had been aware of EP much sooner it would have saved us both much stress, sadness and trouble. I also had a difficult and long childbirth that left me marked but with the help of EP I was able to transform my experience and overcome that pain.

I have gone through many changes throughout my life, most of them and especially the biggest ones without much support. Knowing all that I know now, I am sure that it would have been easier to go through all those changes with the help of the techniques and tools that I know now and it would have saved me a lot of pain. That is why I decided to support women in different phases of their lives, so that they are able to feel strong and make the best of each experience. I look forward to working with you and helping you manage your stress, find your strengths, be more resilient and find beauty in life.

Morning Mist over Forest

"I am not what has happened to me. I am what I choose to become."

CG Jung