Who am I?


I’m Patricia Schebsdat-Sciuto. I was born in Perú in 1973 and there I gave cooking classes, did catering and was a yoga teacher. Since my youth I have been interested in healing. My initial focus was psychology and herbalism, then I started studying pharmacology and biochemistry. But there was something deeper I was searching for. I was also very interested - and still am - in ancient cultures like the Incas and the Mayas, which brought me to having deep spiritual experiences in sacred places of both cultures and changing my experience of life. I have lived in Switzerland since 2004. I am married and have a son and that is my story…

I became pregnant at 37 and although I was healthy, it was considered a high-risk pregnancy. Being 35 or older increased the risk of various pregnancy complications that could affect me, the fetus or both. I was afraid of losing my baby again (I had a loss a year and a half before I got pregnant again). I was anxious and scared. The pregnancy was not that difficult but the tests and decisions were not easy, it was overwhelming. I also had nausea and congestion; I couldn't sleep well in addition to feeling like I was on a roller coaster of emotions. I was determined to deliver at a Birthing Center, but when my water broke, contractions never came and I was already two weeks late. So I had to go to the hospital where they induced labor and I delivered after 16 hours of tremendously painful and exhausting labor. None of my expectations of a wonderful childbirth were met. I was sad, exhausted and scared, being responsible for a new life with almost no idea about parenting or baby care. In addition, the exhaustion of the first few weeks and my perfectionism were a difficult combination. I was stressed about breastfeeding, not sleeping and all the details of housekeeping, trying to do everything perfectly and feeling guilty for not doing everything right. Did I say I was stressed? Sound familiar?

My son grew up, it went fast. And it wasn't always easy to go through all the stages that kids go through as they grow up. They know how to trigger us and that used to be a challenge. I went to several courses and classes to learn how to be a better mom, but it wasn't always easy to put what I learned into practice.  It is said that our children function as our mirrors, reflecting back to us what we need to see in order to heal the wounds of our childhood. Sometimes it is easy to recognize them, but it is not always easy to heal them without support and tools.

But then I discovered EFT Tapping while trying to overcome my fear of driving. Because it helped me so easily and quickly, I decided to try it for all aspects of my life. I started using Tapping whenever I felt triggered or angry. I was able to center myself and respond in a different way and throughout the process I learned to love myself. My life is not perfect and I still go through challenges, but now I feel confident and it is easier to bounce back faster.

My situation and the relationship with my son improved so dramatically that I decided to get certified in Energy Psychology and Clinical EFT to be able to support other moms, so they wouldn't have to go through all that I went through. I now know that much of the anguish, pain, fear, anxiety, frustration, overwhelm, physical pain and discomfort would have been much easier to manage if I had had the support and the right tools, like the ones I have now. I could have had a better pregnancy, maybe a better delivery and would have been able to enjoy the early years with my son more. I can't go back and do things differently, but I was able to heal a traumatic birth and I continue to grow and learn about myself through my relationship with my son. And that is why I decided to apply what I learned in the Certifications to working with women in all stages of motherhood so that they feel stronger, centered, relaxed, can have better relationships with their partners and their children and learn to love themselves.

Morning Mist over Forest

"I am not what has happened to me. I am what I choose to become."

CG Jung