"I had the privilege to do a couple of sessions with Patricia and I’m so happy we got to work together! Not only is she empathetic and a great listener, but also capable of reaching way inside your feelings, your emotions, and getting to the root. I had something that has been bothering me for a long time, and thanks to those two sessions, I gained clarity about an issue that I wasn’t able to figure out – not even with therapy. By working on those stuck emotions, I’ve been able to release beliefs, feelings and emotions that were detrimental to my personal and spiritual growth.  She gently helps you discover, navigate through the emotion, feel it, and release it by using several different techniques that actually work! I will always be grateful for the amazing experience I had in our sessions. I highly recommend you consider doing it because it can be a life changer. I know I’ll do some more soon."

Uschi M. - USA

"The Tapping sessions with Patricia were immensely helpful in calming my anguish and frustration during a very difficult time in my life. Besides the immediate relief, the clarity, peace and perspective that one achieves are immeasurable. I learned strategies from her that continue to help me and that I always recommend.

Patricia has a great capacity for empathy and understanding and is able to quickly center the focus of her intervention, which helped me to feel heard and taken into account. In addition, her concern and understanding are very sincere, which helps a lot in the process of finding and clearly defining a goal to work on. As a psychologist I can say that I see in Patricia all the qualities of someone prepared to have a great positive impact on others."

Susan R. - Peru

Translated with Deepl from the original text in Spanish.

"One of Patricia’s super powers is empathy! I found it very easy to relax and open up in her loving presence. As an EFT coach she guided me through the session with professionalism, competence, heart and confidence.  Her intuition let’s her see beyond the surface. I felt safe and in good hands and can highly recommend Patricia’s work to anyone."

Jayasri R. - Switzerland

"Patrícia's work is the perfect demonstration that healing the wounds of the past does not have to be a painful process. On the contrary, it can be deeply revealing and natural. She knows how to conduct the sessions with mastery to propitiate transformation."

Marta B. - Spain

Translated with Deepl from the original text in Spanish.

"I want to give testimony that, in my sessions with Patricia, not only have the physical pains I had gone away, but she has taught me to have a new life. I have learned to be a better person, to be not only supportive, but also more tolerant and understanding."

Teresa B. - Peru

Translated with Deepl from the original text in Spanish.

"Dear Patty, I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for the sessions you did with me and how you helped me transform myself from a dominant, forceful person to a far more relaxed compassionate one. I didn’t think that that was even possible!!  The patience, the EFT skills and love that you put into our sessions are of extreme value that words cannot describe, it can only be felt and experienced… and be enjoyed for the rest of my life!!!

Your Tapping skills are precious to anyone who wants to improve their lives in whatever area and if they want to know what you can help them achieve you are welcome to send them on to me so they can hear first-hand how capable you are.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


Ingrid G. - Italy

"I was fortunate to have Patricia's help in a moment of feeling overwhelmed and hopeless. Her tapping sessions, patience and empathy were able to move my negative energy and bring back positivity in my life. At all times I felt free to share my problems with her and not feel judged or labeled. Patricia is a very special ray of sunshine to warm the soul.

Thank you!"

Géraldine D. - Peru

Translated with Deepl from the original text in Spanish.

"Patricia is a beautiful soul sharing her gifts with us all. She brings so much love, compassion and light to her sessions, providing an environment of safety to truly open and release. I learned so much from her and am forever grateful to have had the chance to work with her."

Laura P. - USA